JASON LI. 2019
Jason Li, a resident of Southern California, is widely recognized in the giftware industry
throughout the United States and around the world.  His award-winning watercolor
paintings have been enjoyed by millions via a variety of products.

Jason earned his bachelor degree from Guangzhou Institute of Fine Art, one of the most
prestigious art institutes in China in 1989.  His major was Chinese Painting. One of his
graduation paintings “Fallen” was collected by the school museum. With a desire to gain
more knowledge in the latest trends and technologies in art and design, he moved to
California in 1992. While he was attending California State University Fullerton to pursue
master degree in graphic design, his watercolor painting series were collected by
International Student Services Department. That series explored the transformation of
eastern and western culture in modern society.

In 1996, when Jason was still a graduate student, Lady Jayne Ltd., a growing giftware
company in Southern California, decided to use his artworks to develop their products. The
initial launch wowed the gift industry.  After he graduated with his master degree in graphic
design, he worked his way from a lead illustrator to be the art director within a few years.  
His computer graphic design knowledge transforms the design department into a digital
power house. His artworks and designs help the company gain national and international
recognition.  Lady Jayne Ltd. became a prominent giftware company in the United States.  

Jason’s artistry became the signature style of Lady Jayne Ltd.  However, his name
remained unknown until 2003 when he started his own company
Lissom Design. Lissom
Design has been a platform to showcase his unique and exquisite artistry which
brings a breath of fresh air to the gift industry. After 17 years running Lissom
Design, over 35 product launch seasons, Jason has created a premier giftware
brand.  He still paints original artworks, oversees the design concept,
manufacturing and wholesale distribution. He develops E-commerce strategies to
grow the company into a multi-dimensional business including online B2B,
wholesale and retail. He also licenses his artworks to various industries.

His artworks are loved by his loyal customers.  His artistry inspires and brings
comfort and joy to people around the globe.  After the devastated 2011
earthquake in Japan, a distributor said that Japanese brought a lot of Lissom
products because they found comfort and peace…
Even though he has been successful in the trend-driven giftware industry for so
many years, he always craves the freedom for creativities and spontaneous
artistic expression in the fine art world.

He loves landscape painting and fascinated by the beautiful California coastlines,
sunny deserts and breathtaking forests. He explores much deeper personal
belief and emotional connection through his watercolor paintings. By capturing
the magical light and swift movements with refine details, he channels his
affection for the power of nature.  By depicting the falling leaves floating along a
creek, and a lonesome seagull flying over a windy remote island, his paintings
not only create dramatic visual effects but also embed his personal experience,
extraordinary technical skills, and the appreciation for nature’s beauty.

He is one of the founding members and Board of Directors of
Contemporary Art
Club West Pacific. He is the signature member of Laguna Plein Air Painters
Association, and California Art Club Artist member. His artworks exhibited at
regional and national galleries and museums in the United States and China.  

• “Whitewater III” (Watercolor), 1st place at the LPAPA’s 2020 “Art & Nature” Art Show.

• “
Whitewater” (Watercolor), 2nd place at the 2020 heART of Orange County All Media
competition in California.

• “
Tea House” (Watercolor), 1st place and People’s Choice Award at 2019 Old Town Tustin
Art Walk Plein Air Contest.

Sunset Waves" (Watercolor), The Southern California Art Association Award at
2019 51st Watercolor West International Exhibition.

Sunset Lake(Watercolor), 1st place at LPAPA’s 2019 “From Dusk to Dawn” Art
Exhibition held at Laguna Beach City Hall.

“Wind”(Watercolor) exhibited at the 13th Chinese National Art Exhibition,
September 2019. This art exhibition is held every 5 years which considered one
of the most prestigious fine art exhibition in the nation.

“Floating Leaves” (Watercolor), 3nd place at the 2019 heART of Orange County All
Media competition in California.

“Summer Lake” (Watercolor), 3nd place at the LPAPA’s 2019 “Less is More” 13th
Annual Art Show.

The artworks on this website is just a small portion of his portfolio. If
you are interested in his artwork, please
contact us for availability, as
well as licensing opportunities.
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