JASON LI. 2018
About the Artist

Jason Li, a resident of Yorba Linda, California, is widely recognized in the giftware industry throughout
the United States and around the world.  His signature water color paintings have been enjoyed by
millions via a variety of
products every day.

Jason earned his bachelor degree from Guangzhou Institute of Fine Art, one of the most prestigious art
institutes in China.  While he was attending California State Fullerton to pursue his master degree in
graphic design, his painting series “
Door”, “Waiting”, and “Gate” were collected by International Student
Services Department which awarded him scholarships.

When he was still a graduate student, a growing giftware company in Southern California decided to use
his art work to develop its products. The initial launch wowed the gift industry.  After he got his master
degree in fine art, he worked his way up to be the lead illustrator and art director for that company
within a few years.  His artwork help that company gained national and international recognition and
financial success.  

His artistry became the signature style of that company.  However, his name remained unknown until he
started his own company,
Lissom Design, in 2003.  Lissom Design has been a platform to showcase
his unique and exquisite artistry which brings a breath of fresh air to the art wold and gift industry. His
artworks have been licensing by companies.

After 15 years of dedication, 30 product launch seasons, Jason’s artwork are loved by his loyal
customers. His artistry flourishes and inspires so many people, also brings comfort and joy to people
around the globe.  After the devastated 2011 earthquake in Japan, a distributor said that Japanese
brought a lot of Lissom Design products because they found comfort and peace…

Jason’s artworks are painted with purpose and have the latest trend in mind. He paints each element with
great details and control.  The following pictures show his creative process from fine art to consumer
products, which gives you a better understanding of his unique way of art creation.

Jason explores much deeper personal belief and emotion through
his recent water color paintings. By capturing the magical light
and swift movements with refine details, he channels his
affection for nature.  By depicting the
falling leaves floating
along a creek, and a
lonesome seagull flying over a windy and
isolated island, his paintings not only creates dramatic visual
effects but also embeds his personal experience, extraordinary
technical skills, and understanding of nature’s beauty.
Jason has joined California Art Club and become part of the art community. Jason loves landscape painting
and fascinating by the beautiful California coastline and sunny desert. The artwork on this website is just a
small portion of his portfolio. If you are interested in his artwork, please
contact us for availability, pricing,
as well as licensing opportunities.   
Original Artwork
Floral & Garden
Pets & Animal
Computer composite Art
Welcome to Jason Li’s art world where peace and tranquility infuse your senses.