About Fineline Store

Fineline Store is a online store which offers wide range of unique products.  You will find the special gifts for
teachers, nurses you are looking for,  as well as the thoughtful gifts for someone you care... You will also find the
most affordable and practical products for your everyday use,
We are proud to partner with Lissom Design to sell their products on our online store. The well-made products;
competitive prices; user friendly website, and excellent customer service will bring you the most wonderful
shipping experience. We have the state of the art computer system, and order process facility. Our staffs will
handle your order with great care.

We love to hear your feedbacks. If you have any question or request please let us know.

Thank you for your trust and support.

You can contact us at
Fineline Store.
You can call us at (714) 529-9036, or fax to: (714) 777-7881
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