Shipping and Sampling
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The majority of our orders are boxed and shipped by UPS Ground. Small quantities or
samples are shipped by US Post Office. We will choose the best rate option which
depends on the size and weight. The freight charges will add to your final invoice.
Insuring your order arrives on time and undamaged is our number one priority!

We ship samples by US Post Office. Samples are free, the postage is $6.99.
You can order up to 4 samples a time. Normally you will receive samples 3 to 4
business day.

About Free Shipping
Every body loves FREE SHIPPING, but you’re paying an inflated price for the item to
make up for this “free shipping” You may not want to pay shipping but if you compare
total amount you may not really getting best deal.

Most other businesses are offering “FREE SHIPPING” but as usual they markup their
product prices to cover shipping cost. Thats what we call is “hidden fees”. You think
shipping is free but reality you are paying shipping cost.

Their way to sell: 1 sheet item $16.00 + “$3.50 (Hidden Fee)” = $19.50 + Free Shipping
Our way to sell: 1 sheet item $16.00 = $16.00 + Shipping Cost
The true shipping cost may well below $3.50 per sheet. Specially if you order larger
quantity or if you are in a State close to CA. At the same time, we can pass on the
saving to you with our Negotiation Rate (from UPS).

We don’t want to raise our prices to cover shipping cost. We hope that all of our
customers are satisfied with their purchase, and have a better shopping experiences
with us.

For more details please email us at
Intrend Tile USA
or  call us (714) 529-9036.
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